Wellness Revolutionary Mike Diamond Prescribes a Dose of Positivity

Just what the doctor ordered — concrete tips on how to lean on intuition and trust the spiritual energy within, available in Diamond’s upcoming book.

“I’ve become a master at the monotonous. I’ve mastered the basics and that’s what I show others how to do. Don’t waste time, fail forward, and keep moving,” Diamond shares in an inspiring account of his life and career with Talent Concierge Artists Agency’s communications team.

By Adriana Martinez, Communications | TCAA

Discussion on mental health is nothing new, but the acknowledgment of its importance and impact is still evolving and finding a spotlight in the public arena. Conversation on something so personal, and for many painful, can be difficult to begin and even more difficult to continue. Mike Diamond, a certified interventionist, dedicates his life to being an advocate for recovery, resilience, and redemption. After living through plenty of “lows” himself, he understands on a personal and spiritual level how terrifying it can be to change your mindset. He shares his life experience, from great victories to great pains, with audiences to inspire and guide them.

Audiences may recognize Mike from his work on Bondi Ink Tattoo Crew or perhaps have had the pleasure of hearing him deliver a program. Now, Diamond adds to his acumen as an author with the upcoming release of his second book, A Dose of Positivity. The new release includes not only his own incredible stories of overcoming hardship, but reveals his personally tested techniques for staying grounded, finding success, and creating positive change.

What has inspired you to shape your career into what it is today?

How are you able to express such confident vulnerability?

When did your messaging begin to expand beyond those seeking sobriety?

What would you say limits people’s progress?

What piece of advice positively changed your life?

You’re often referred to as a wellness revolutionary. How much does mental health attribute to that title?

What will your new book, A Dose of Positivity, offer readers?

Early endorsements for A Dose of Positivity

Mike Diamond is more than a writer and teacher — he is a wellness revolutionary and a force for change. A Dose of Positivity is a must read to fast track your life.” — Kelly Cutrone, CEO People’s Revolution & NY Times Best Selling Author.

A Dose of Positivity releases on April 4th, 2023, and is available for preorder now.

Visit Mike’s website for more details at https://themikediamond.com/books/

Secure your advanced copy of A Dose of Positivity today and discover the tools and techniques to live life on your terms.



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Talent Concierge Artists Agency is devoted to changing the world, one experience at a time.